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A type 1 strain, called SM, was reported in 1954 [2], and its descendant, a virus called “CHAT” was reported in 1957 [3].

The latter strain concerns us here, for in 1999, a British journalist published a book called [4], which proposed the hypothesis that CHAT had been produced in cells from chimpanzees that were contaminated with the simian precursor of HIV type 1 (HIV-1) group M, the major agent of the AIDS epidemic. For a proper understanding of the events recalled in this article, the state of polio vaccine development in the late 1950s is germane.

If Burundian citizens are fleeing the country, journalists should be free to report that too,” said Sarah Jackson, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn, and the Great Lakes.

A book published in 1999 hypothesized that the scientists who worked with the CHAT type 1 attenuated poliomyelitis strain, tested in the former Belgian Congo in the late 1950s, had covertly prepared the vaccine in chimpanzee kidney cells contaminated with a simian immunodeficiency virus, which evolved into human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M.

The results of the first administration of OPV to humans were published by Koprowski et al.

in 1952 [1] and concerned the TN strain, later identified as type 2 poliovirus.

Escalating threats against journalists and other media workers in the past week are worrying signs that journalism in Burundi has become increasingly dangerous since an attempted coup last month, Amnesty International warned today.

Rose Habonimana, a woman who was born and brought up in Gasenyi locality says the mass grave dates from 1972.This article summarizes the results of the investigation conducted by the author to determine the legitimacy of the accusation.Testimony by eyewitnesses, historical documents of the time, epidemiological analysis, and analysis of ancillary phylogenetic, virological, and polymerase chain reaction data all indicate that this hypothesis is false."People keep telling me it’s not the right time yet to come back. They don’t want anything to happen to me especially now with the elections coming up, and riots going on back home. Everyone here gives me 100%, from the kitchen staff when they are making the food, giving me a nice dinner, to the coaches outside who always want me to learn more. I may have a bad game but one of the coaches or players will come and say ‘don’t worry about it, it’s one of those games, let’s move on’.” A player carefully nurtured by Albion since he was 12 is frequently linked with other clubs. “I want to make people understand that it’s not just about me holding a dinner, people to turn up and then that’s it.The president (Pierre Nkurunziza) has decided he wants a third term. "Every country has its own corruption, it's own ways. It’s hard for them to look for a bright future, there are no opportunities for them. Other young players have been caught (like Raheem Sterling on April 13) so they’re probably bringing me back up and trying to link the story. Berahino himself told Sky Sports News HQ on Feb 4 that the West Brom fans would not begrudge him “going on to bigger things”. I know they care for me here.” But would he be here at the start of next season? We’ve got a good group of strikers: Patrick (Bamford), Harry (Kane), (Danny) Ings and Callum Wilson. She stays at home and prays for me that I keep doing well.” One of Berahino’s proudest moments of the season was being handed the retro No 9 shirt for West Brom’s tribute day to Jeff Astle against Leicester City on April 11. I want them to understand where I come from, and exactly what I want to do back home in Burundi and help them.