Diablo armory not updating

In a new Blog post, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the long-awaited patch 2.50 is “right around the corner”.

No specific release date was given, and strangely enough, the developer did not use the classic “soon”, so hopefully the patch will, in fact, go live soon…

The patch sounds amazing and might just make me visit the world of Sanctuary before the release of the Necromancer.

Along with the Necromancer, Blizzard also revealed that they will introduce the Armory allowing players to switch between different builds more quickly and save up to five loadout.

(Photo : Battle.net) Diablo fans also had their day during the recently concluded Blizz Con 2016 as Blizzard announced its plans for the upcoming Diablo III.

Gems and Legendary Gems will also swap and if you‘ve upgraded or leveled up your gems, the Armory will automatically select the highest quality or level available for that gem type.

Lastly, your skill bar will also update to your selected skills, rune, and Kanai’s Cube power preferences, and you’re welcome to name your setups whatever you like!