CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, SATAN & TOM CRUISE Probably the book that could start a world war.


The cast includes Satan, God, Tom Cruise, Hitler, Napoleon, Catherine The Great, Vladimir the Impaler, Christ, and Fat Man’s wife … It takes a warts and all look at the religions of the world, with a satirical edge that takes no prisoners.HATE is a Modern Love project and the label might also feature occasional new versions from different producers.All HATE transmissions will be limited to 300 stamped copies." Who knows how much of this is true and how much is hype/in-joke?In total that’s over half a million words to get your teeth into, covering all aspects of life from relationships to religion, from influence to the future – fiction and fact that will keep you smiling and improve your mind and your body.‘HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT MAN IN SEVEN DAYS’ For every woman or man looking to for the perfect partner; either the one they are with or the one they are on the hunt for.