Insecure dating

We don't hear the sincerity in your voice; instead, we hear the kids from high school who still haunt and remind us of how unpopular, stupid or unattractive we are.That sort of mental damage cannot be undone with the switch of a button. Raise your hand if you're admittedly insecure, but more frequently, you've been called “over-dramatic.”Sure, we get riled up over our feelings, and we know it could get to be too much for you. We spend so much time trying to get our sh*t together in our own little worlds that it doesn't always translate in the best way to the outside world.In one way that it true: he is interested in the love you have to offer.But beware—the insecure man can also be a bottomless pit that might just drain you of every drop of love you possess.You begin to think that maybe he's "the one." But then things head south.His sweet attentiveness turns to overwhelming obsession. He never mentions any friends and doesn't hang out with anyone but you. He doesn't go to the gym, play any sports, take any classes, volunteer or go to church.It no longer feels like he treasures and cherishes you; it feels like overbearing possessiveness. Here are 15 signs your man is probably one of them (sorry! When he isn't with you, he's sitting at home thinking about you.

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Though he had graduated from college and was employed as an engineer, Adam had never advanced very far.But as the months start to roll by, you’d see that the advice would start to turn into sulking commands and manipulative pleas to arm twist you into doing what he wants.Unfortunately, you’ll never see the signs or the real face under the mask of niceness until you’re ready to end the relationship or have already broken up with him.It's just so damn difficult for us to believe in them sometimes.It's not that we think you're just kidding us — there's a whole complex that exists beneath the surface.