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It got recommended to Nick by a friend in LA who said she met lots of cool people.

But his first exchange was with a girl dropping hints about hanging out for 150 roses, which he found out was code for dollars thanks to Google. “I don’t like the fact that Tinder’s hooked into Facebook, so you’ll come across somebody where it’s like, you know this person who knows this person, and I don’t want them to know who I know! Luna likes that aspect, and has hit up people who know people for intel after a match is made and before a date is accepted.

Mormons claimed it briefly in the mid-1850s, and after the turn of the century and the construction of Hoover Dam, the city boomed.

Of course it is most famous for making gambling legal in the 1930s, and the rest, as they say, is history.

STOP wasting time with online dating sites such as,,,,,, and others.

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Las Vegas Matchmakers specializes in helping local singles meet and date quality individuals that match their values, interests and life goals. At Las Vegas Matchmakers, we meet with every client face-to-face in our local office. They aren't designed to help you meet real singles.

It’s banter made for messaging on Tinder, a 3-year-old social interface boasting 9 billion matches, “friends, dates, relationships and everything in between.” This tiki bar is full of people trying to make it happen the old-fashioned way, but I wonder how many are checking their phones in the can ...

All seven of my drinking buddies here tonight have tried Tinder, with wildly varying degrees of dedication and traction.

Tourists abound in Las Vegas, and during some seasons there can be more visitors than residents hitting the pavement.

When the rodeo’s in town, everyone seems to be a cowboy.