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Actually, the fact that wolfhounds get along so well with everyone is what makes them poor guard dogs but excellent family dogs.These hounds got star treatment in the 2013 New York City St.

While many modern dogs will instinctually act as home guardians, there are specific breeds that are known for possessing the characteristics needed to best ward off unwanted intruders.You could guess by looking at this breed that it’s one of the tallest in the species.You probably wouldn’t guess it’s one of the least aggressive.However new legislation has come into force which affects dog owners. The latter is probably the best guard dog’s most important attribute: it is essential that any dog employed for guarding understands its job, and never frightens or threatens its master or mistress, family members or employees.Remarkably, the best guard do breeds have an instinctive understanding of the terms of their employment and most also make fine family pets.