Must love cats dating

My boyfriend is extremely allergic to cats and needs a fur-free home. I love him, and this breaks my heart, but I am considering finding him a new home.

They're all completely incredulous that I would give up my pet. ” and “You made a commitment to this animal.” To complicate the situation, I spend most of my time at my boyfriend’s place, so my poor kitty has been developing some behavioral problems because he's frequently alone. It’s impossible for someone who’s allergic to cats to live with one, and it’s ludicrous to think you will give up becoming a wife and mother because you made a commitment to your cat.

It's a big move to a big sate, but they dream big, and they're determined to make this work -- for their families, and for the animals of Houston.

The Secret Life of Pets takes a close look at the inner lives of our pets.

Software manufactures are now targeting cats as new customers with smartphone apps designed just for felines.

We follow three vets and their families as they begin new lives and careers in Houston.

There will be one-on-one mini dates for seven minutes each, as well as light snacks and complimentary tea sourced directly from Japan.While we wait to hear if Must Love Cats has been picked up for a second season, be sure to follow John on Twitter @johnfulton. Are there any stereotypes about cats you find true or untrue?In your travels have you found that the crazy cat lady stereo type is a reality? A common stereotype is that a cat chooses you and I found that out to be mostly true.“One thing that I think hooked her on me is -- when she saw me pick up a kitten and kiss it-- and she had never seen a man kiss a kitten," Slater said.Hansen admits she never thought she would find a man who loves cats as much as she does. “It was inevitable that we were supposed to meet here, and we attribute it to the cat gods-- because we had been wandering around all alone for so long-- and you both love cats-- it's about time you met." The couple is planning a summer wedding at their home in Denver.