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If I moderate your post or thread, please know it's nothin' personal. But I found this story, that I read when I was new, which helps to better introduce Cleaver. I can answer a good chunk of questions ye may have, as I've been around for quite awhile. I'm not anyone exceptionally big and important, but I'm here, and here far too much. If I'm not out actively pillaging, I'm tarting somewhere. In one of the tailors on Winter a lot of nights lately...

Some'll say I'm a big meaniehead, but I'm just tryin' t' keep a semblance of order up there.

Besides, only half of his teeming brain was focused on the job, as feverishly moonlighted at home on The Tolkien Companion, published in 1976 under the name of J. Always hilariously funny in his writing, as a human being and in his editorial roles on the increasingly surreal NME in the mid-1970s, he arrived with a romantic past.

"He was the only journalist on the music press who had carried a weapon in war," said Michael Watts, a rival editor on Melody Maker.

His father, from an upper-middle-class family, had been a fighter ace in the First World War. Giving up drink, he married his nurse, who was much younger than him.

Their only child, James Edward Anthony Tyler, was born on Hallowe'en night in 1943 in , during a thunderstorm punctuated by a German air-raid.

"..list is endless..this is a true whine, but somehow the game needs to monitor the age of the players.

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I've been propositioned by 12 year olds "wud u cyber wid me?Perhaps taking the adverts away from Neopets might restrict the amount of underagers we get?Yet again, how many of us 18 people would like to play in a social puzzle where we do not need language filters, or not have to worry about any naughty jokes we tell?Either that or police the age of people joining the game?I'm sick and tired of baby sitting 11 and 12 year old kids, I've reported one lad, only to see him come back and laugh in my face, saying how he bypassed the banning.