Ordovician dating

Portrait Of A Young Girl (Christus, Berlin) - Dating ...) is a geologic period and system, the second of six periods of the Paleozoic Era.The Faunal stages (subdivisions of epochs) from youngest to oldest are: Sea levels were high during the Ordovician; in fact during the Tremadocian, marine transgressions worldwide were the greatest for which evidence is preserved in the rocks.Dating The Ordovician Period started at a major extinction event called the Cambrian–Ordovician extinction events some time about 485.4 ± 1.9 Mya (million years ago), and lasted for about 44.6 million years.It ended with a major extinction event 443.5 million years ago that wiped out 60% of marine genera.The dates cited are recent radiometric dates and vary slightly from those used in other sources.

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) extinction event some time 490 million years ago and lasted for about 50-80 million years.

Since it correlates well with the occurrence of widespread graptolite, conodont, and trilobite species, the base of the Tremadocian allows scientists not only to relate these species to each other, but to species that occur with them in other areas as well.

This makes it easier to place many more species in time relative to the beginning of the Ordovician Period. The church of Notre-Dame, dating from the thirteenth century ...

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It follows the Cambrian period and is followed by the Silurian period.