Qualifying women dating

(Older washed-up women, don’t bother contradicting what I say.

You have forgotten what it’s like to be a young woman.) Qualification questions can also be framed in the form of statements.

Don’t be afraid to express some disappointment if she doesn’t answer your question in a way that pleases you. Don’t make a huge production out of it; a deflated “oh, i see” or “that’s too bad” will work just fine. That women want to feel like they are valued for more than their looks. This is what the whole idea of qualifying women is based upon. you can be both a and b because you have choice in women.By demonstrating to a woman that she must meet your standards which go beyond how she looks you indirectly communicate that a. One way to demonstrate you have standards is by asking her questions designed to put her on the defensive. The answer you want from her is implied in the question you ask, so she’ll feel obligated to win your approval by answering the right way.Any incongruence or indication of low standards may potentially ruin a woman’s attraction in you.During qualification, you should simulate a natural conversation ratio by encouraging a woman to talk, as opposed to you doing most of the talking back when you were creating attraction in her.