Reasons for online dating vary widely

Yes, I used Craigslist for online dating, and YES you can find ANYTHING on there. Craigslist yielded the most results, and they were all pretty normal people. But frankly, no matter what site you're on, they're gonna be after that if they can get it.

I had no idea of the reputation of Craigslist before I got on it, maybe if I had I wouldn't have used it.

The study found that online daters with higher levels of education are more likely to seek out those with the same educational background, but as they got older, were less interested in whether their date had the same level of education.

In other words, two of every three initial messages are met with silence.But I did online dating via Craigslist for probably six years and went on maybe a couple hundred dates. If you want more than a hook-up, don't post under that section (duh). I do have a friend in a long-term relationship where they initially met as a casual encounter. My problem was too many responses, either generic or horribly lonely. So I was found a differentiator to screen as many people as possible out. My sense of who people were from a brief text-only response was very good.If I caught a whiff of misogyny or conventional dating norms from a short email, or if I simply thought we were not alike, I was usually always right.I never asked for one either, since I was unwilling to give one.When I was answering an ad, I figured I should meet his terms, so I would send one if asked.