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Our Kim and Kanye sources say their well-publicized feud -- triggered by Kanye's song "Famous" in which he referenced Taylor with the lyric, "I made that bitch famous" -- is old and buried.As for Kanye, our sources say there are certain feuds he deeply cares about ...As for Kim, we're told the way she sees it, the whole feud ended over a year ago.However, if Swift wants her album to resonate, what better way to do it than pick a fight with one of the most famous duos in the world. "She was dating a friend of mine at the time who's still a good friend of ours. She's somebody I adore, really, she's just fun to be in a room with.I'm sure people will assume people aren't quite who they appear to be onscreen — they're shorter or taller or meaner or dumber — but Sandy is exactly what she appears onscreen, an incredibly charming woman who's really just fun to hang out with.The so-called couple are purportedly now looking to take their relationship to the "next level".

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It was so touching to see Bryan with Laila and Louis.

Luckily, she’s found someone like Bryan to help her how to learn to love again.

On the other hand though, they are yet to make their relationship official.

They’re all very close and so comfortable with each other.” If Sandra and her children do indeed feel comfortable with Bryan, then why hasn’t Bryan proposed yet?

Insiders close to the situation say that it took Sandra several years for her to open up and trust someone again after her nasty divorce from her ex-husband, Jesse James.