Tony danza dating

During his first year of college, he had the Robert Crumb "Keep on Truckin'" character tattooed on his upper right arm.

In a 1985 interview in Us Weekly magazine, Danza remarked, "I was playing pool with a guy who had all these tattoos, and I wanted to be friends." In college, Danza met and married his first wife.

Danza was a professional boxer with a record of 9–3 (9 knockouts, 7 in the first round), with all but one of his fights, wins and losses, ending in a knockout. He is well known for his role on Taxi, in which he played a cab driver and part-time boxer Tony Banta, and Who's the Boss?

, in which he portrayed retired baseball player, housekeeper and single father Tony Micelli.

His success on the show paved the way for his next role as Tony Micelli, a retired baseball star turned-housekeeper, in Who’s The Boss? His more recent work includes the 2004 Oscar-winning movie, Crash.

Tony and Rhonda met while they were at college and were married two-years. A Danza family representative told US Magazine: ‘They've technically been separated for a few years but they worked through it and were still together,' The source added: ‘I’m not sure what happened, they decided to make it official.’ The Emmy-nominated actor shot to fame in 1978 when he starred as part-time cab driver and boxer, Tony Banta, in the hit 70’s sitcom Taxi.His wife, Donna, passed away, and when we meet him he’s lamenting that.Then at the same time there’s a young couple, Jack and Betsy—Rob Mc Clure and Brynn O’Malley—who have been dating for five years, and she wants to get married and he has commitment issues.He concocts this incredible caper to try and get her out of Jack’s life and into his. I think it really happened for me on “Taxi.” “Taxi” was like going to the best comedy acting school you could find.You’re surrounded by all these wonderful actors and writers and directors—the top tier of TV and acting in comedy right then.